Mission:Deliver Media apps that enable mobile users experience of Online Radio and TV is Enjoyable, Great.


Leadapps, is a pioneer in streaming apps for android, iPhone.

1) AOR: Android Online Radio ( Aor.leadapps)

2) Cherry Rplayer

3) MMSRadioLite 

4) DroidACIR

5) DroidCumulus

6) UKRadio

Android Streaming Technology and Apps:

Leadapps has developed technology that plays mp3/m3u/pls/AAC/AACP shoutcast/icecast channels, and also FLV based streaming radio stations on ANDROID.

Some FIRST's we achieved:

1. We are the first in the world that played aac/aacp radio stream on Android mobile. ( AOR app)

2. We are the first in the world, that played FLV based radio stream on Android mobile. ( DroidESPN Radio app --- Now Unavailable from android market)

3. We are the first in the world, that played mms:// based radio stations on Android mobile.  (MMSRadio(Lite)

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR-2010

Dear Customers/Users,

Leadapps wishes you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR-2010.

Leadapps Team

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Coming Soon

1.Android app Analytics Tool

2.New android  app(s) for TV, WMV based channels